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Legal Announcement

The owner of this site is Deko Print Kft. (Ltd.)

All informations on this site have been put well-intentioned and serve exclusively for orientation purposes. You can not reckon upon other aims, but informations. Owner does'not guarantee exactness and entireness of informations.

Deko-Print's website has been created with the aim to inform and to establish contacts. Authors of websites are under legal protection, related to this topic they are exclusively entitled to carry out all rights. Commercial use of websites entirely or partly are prohibited, unless owner's previous permission in writings.
If visitor of this website accepts present rules and submit itself to them, owner gives preliminary but not exclusive and not assignable permission to the visitor as natural person, to download, record and print websites in their original form and exclusively for personal use, but does not allow to make them accessable for third party in any form. This users permission extends exclusively to handle and archive one original copy of the websites

Owner reserves the right to revise informations of the web pages without previous notice. Owner does not guarantee, but makes efforts, that informations of its web pages be updated.

Owner stores personal data of visitor (for example name, address, e-mail address) exclusively in case, when you have facilitated them. Owner is entiteled to use voluntarily given data in accordance with rules of Dataprotections Law. Owner does not have intention to collect any personal data of persons under 14 years old. Considering, that unauthorised persons might misuse facilitated data of children or any other person on the net, we request parents to inform their children on secure and responsible usage of personal data or rather itselves adapt access limitations facilitated by computer programmes. We hereby inform you, we can take contact with you, if you have given us your data (first of all e-mail address).
Data owner might request cancellation or modification of his/her personal data or rather information on treated data -in cases and on manner determined in Dataprotection Law -through our Contact page and e-mail address.

Links on our websites: owner is irresponsible for contents of other websites, furthermore for the secrecy and data management practice of other website owners.

Owner takes all measures required in his bona fide business conduct in order to protect personal data of clients from unauthorized persons.

Have you heard about so called cookies? These are file or information pieces, which are saved by your browser from our website and store in your Pc. With the help of these cookies will identify our server (storing our website) if you visit our website again and you have facilitated already certain data, hence will not require these data newly.
Basic settings of most internet browser accept cookies. If you want, you can reset browser to refuse cookies or reset to warn, that cookies have been sent to your pc. In case of refusing cookies might occure, that you will not have access to certain parts of our site or you can not receive customized informations.

We continuously want to approve our website services by measuring the attendance of certain websites by monitoring the numbers of clicks on pages or pictures. This is done with a software called Google Analytics.
Our homepage might save from your pc informations like IP-address (this is a code number, which identifies your mashine in all cases, when you are visiting a homepage), type of your browser, operational system of your pc. This is to assure our homepage visitors the best experience and efficient information resource. These informations are not personal data.

Visitors may use websites exclusively on their own responsibility. Owner does not take responsibility for any execution of business advice unless visitor of the website executed it under his supervision. For demages derivating of the use of present webpages Owner excludes all kind of liability, demand and legal procedure.

For the adaptation of above conditions is hungarian law determinative. In case of a debate, if parties cant agree on a peacefull way, are to be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of Pesti Központi Kerületi Biróság (Central District Court of Pest) or rather Fővárosi Biróság (Capitals'Court) depending from litigationvalue.