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Company profile

We produce prints, graphics, promotional materials by digital and screen printing technology, first of all on fabrics. Our main products are flags and banners, completed with a wide range of other, digital and screen printed textile products like pallet covers, desk streamers, etc. We use European basic materials and colours. Our supplier position has been gained through several West-European and local tenders.


Deko-Print was established in 1984 as an economic work community. The owner of the Company is a Hungarian citizen with a long experience in the textile industry. During the years, the development also led to a change in the legal form – the company was transformed first into a limited partnership then into a limited liability company. In the year 1990 the time arrived to test ourselves on international markets, as well. Nowadays we also supply to the German, French and Dutch markets. Our 3500 m2 manufacturing plant is being continuously modernised and can be found in Budakalász (near Budapest).


Our Zimmer screen printer machines are 24 and 30 m long, and – depending on the graphics – can print up to 8-9 colours in 1.65 - 2 m width and with 5.4 m long repetitions printed in one go. We provide the standard European quality in terms of both basic materials and technology.


Besides direct or Pantone Matching System printing (PMS) we can, of course, process raster, with another word, photo graphics as well. In the latter case, in 80% of the orders we work with a 12.5 lpi screen structure. Should the aim be to show finer details too, the basic material has to be selected accordingly. The resolution might be increased up to 11-12 lpi. Besides our unique quality and technological level, we are able to process as much as 1.5 million m2 of basic material in a year. We have 40 employees. Most of our sales cover printed, finished textile products, but we also sell accessories.


Flag, Transparent, Decoration

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Graphic material delivery

Please read our information to ensure that we can provide you with products of the best quality. 
File types that we accept: .PDF .TIFF· .JPG· .AI· .PSD· .CDR· .EPS
Scale, resolution: In case of pixel file at a 1:1 scale, min. 100dpi or at a 1:10 scale min. 600dpi, and scaled vector filer according to the requested size
Colour mode: CMYK color mode, please do not send an RGB file!
Colours: Please give direct colours according to the Pantone C, HKS or RAL scale. Please note that if you choose digital printing, the defined (Pantone or HKS) colours are not always reproduced in full due to the CMYK-mode usage. According to the 4 colour print options, we define a colour that is the closest to the original one.
Letters: Please use curved letter types in the graphics!
Comments, printing signs: No, thank you. Please do not place any print-related comment or help on the graphics. 
Templates: If we send you a product-specific template for proper finishing, please do not modify the template size and scale upon use, do not delete lines and objects as the finished print will not contain them. Please return the template in a vector format, do not transform it into a bit image. Please consider the provided bleeds. Do not use cutting signs and other markings if those are not contained in the template.

Digital production

We prepare the graphics based on the data sent by the client and based on the approved sight plan. The print is made with direct or transfer printing, according to the required quality. After printing the colours are fixed on the textile with an ironing machine. The products are delivered after finishing and packaging.

Screen printing

The colours of the graphics are separated based on the data sent by the client and based on the approved sight plan. The templates are made in the photo shop from the colour-separated data. The proper paint colour is prepared in the colour kitchen according to the requested colour. The graphics are applied to the textile on the printing machine, with the help of the templates. The paint is fixed on the textile by steaming. After washing and drying, the print is taken to the sewing shop, from where the product can be delivered after proper finishing and packaging.

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